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UPDATED 5/16/15 at 3:48 pm CST - Version 2.1 of Super Push Adventure fixes a bug within Floor Nine of Forgotten Factory that occurred when the player was hit by an enemy while on a vortex panel.

UPDATED 5/9/15 at 5:32 pm CST - Version 2.0 of Super Push Adventure is here, introducing WASD key controls in addition to the standard directional key controls. Also, a glitch with the music ending after one or two loops has been taken care of!

UPDATED 3/30/15 at 11:55 am CST - We fixed a sound bug that caused all of the sound effects to be generic Windows ones. Sorry for the inconvenience! These are the growing pains of a first published game!

Super Push Adventure stars Trevor McMannis, a bird aficionado, who gets a tip that a rare, elusive species of bird is holed up in a secret cavern. Trevor enters and finds more than he bargained for! Can you help Trevor solve the trials of this mysterious cavernous complex and nab each bird on each floor of the game?

Over 80 levels of pushing fun! - Every ten floors is a new themed area, and each floor gradually introduces new gameplay mechanics and gimmicks to keep the experience fresh and fun!

Charming cast of characters! - See the beginning of a beautiful friendship when Trevor meets up with a talking bipedal wolf in a fedora, Rolf! The two have humorous conversations and there's witty dialogue abound!

Original sprites and music! - Look at the well designed and simplistic art style while you listen to the catchy and melodic tunes made specifically for Super Push Adventure!

Over 25 challenges to complete! - Meet certain requirements to complete in-game challenges that keep the longevity of the game going! Perhaps after completing a certain amount of challenges you will unlock something good!

Challenge yourself to beat the target times! - Try to beat all 80+ levels in quick fashion to beat Rolf the Wolf's target times for each level. Can you beat them all?

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars


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